Happy Couple

What makes us live a healthier aging?

Monitoring individuals’ health status while they are aging is extremely important to know how they are doing and feel here and now, and...

Ageing in Place

On July 5th, the book entitled “Ageing in Place: Envelhecimento em Casa e na Comunidade. Modelos e estratégias centrada na autonomia,...

Ikigai, Activity and Older European Women

Authors: Agulló-Tomás, María Silveria and Zorrilla-Muñoz, Vanessa. Institute of Gender Studies University, Department of Social Analysis...

Retaining Senior Talent

The Ageing Research Group at the Spanish National Research Council (GIE-CSIC due to its initials in Spanish, http://cchs.csic.es/en/resea...

A la figura de... Margarita Salas

Con motivo del fallecimiento de Margarita Salas (Asturias, 1938 - Madrid, 2019), muchos medios han recuperado entrevistas de la genial...



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